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About Us

What happens when a passion for food mixes with a driving curiosity tounravel the mystery of mixing ingredients with the right touch of spices to
create a culinary explosion of flavors ensconced in mouthwatering recipes that evoke nostalgia and marry the East with the West? The answer is the birth of
Oh’ Calcutta, located in the busy, bustling downtown area of Winston Salem,North Carolina

Oh ’Calcutta is the manifestation of Gopal Chandarana’s childhood dream to become a restaurateur. Tossing aside a secure job that offered excellent pay
and great benefits, Gopal decided to risk it all and pursue his dream. Growing up in the busy city of Calcutta, India (now known as Kolkata), Gopal was
introduced to food and cooking by his uncle, who owned a successful restaurant. Very early in life, Gopal learned that food is the ultimate enabler. It
brings family, friends, and the community together in as much as it keeps traditions alive while creating memories. Gopal’s natural curiosity in the
kitchen became the first step in his lifelong love affair with learning and creating recipes he served his friends and family. He also learned the practical
details of managing a restaurant from his uncle. Life happened, and practicalities dictated that he should walk the conventional path of seeking
security which meant a stable job. Despite it all, Gopal surrounded himself with friends who were successful restaurant owners. Gopal would nurture his
passion every now and then by offering them a helping hand as and when the need arose.

The year 2020 brought in its wake the COVID-19 pandemic that rocked the world and turned lives and businesses upside down. This was Gopal’s fork in
the road. Gopal’s old dream was rekindled again, making him restless and eager to travel a different path. The job he loved at the car dealership no longer made him happy.

Mid-2022, Gopal decided it was time to follow his dream.
Oh’ Calcutta is Gopal’s offering to Winston-Salem’s food aficionados. It brings to life the culinary traditions of Calcutta, a city known for its joie de vivre
manifested in its rich and eclectic food culture, where traditional flavors effortlessly mingle with a cosmopolitan spirit. Oh’ Calcutta sheds a shining
light to the increasingly diverse culinary landscape of Winston-Salem.